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Soulful Soriano Sound

In the 9 to 5 dreary day-to-day human existence, real enjoyment and realization of life is excluded to limited vacation time. After toiling your precious hours at the job, the books, or any of the other government approved oppressors of life, it becomes a necessity to either unwind or spontaneously combust from exhaustion.

This latest album from Antonio Soriano is the much-needed escape from the drudgery of daily living that the public has been looking for. Rising far above the set standard of mainstream pop mediocrity, this artist provides a fresh and creative sound, which echoes the bohemian ideal, and is both pleasing to the ear and soothing to the soul.

His is the music of the traveler, the artist, and the adventurer. The down to earth acoustic guitars are the perfect compliment to the message of freedom and independence conveyed by the rhythmic primal variations. The pulsating beats match the pace of the heart and there is an easily established connection with artist, music, and listeners that few celebrated musicians have been able to accomplish. Soriano’s sound is an original and unique improvisation with a style all its own.

Some may say that a few songs may sound similar, but it is clear that each has its own individual identity that ties the album together.

Overall, this is an excellent live album that is guaranteed to give the listeners a new and positive perspective on life.”

Liv Romero